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JS Wu joins ModPo as our newest TA

I am thrilled to announce that JS Wu will be joining the ModPo team, as a TA, in the fall of 2023! JS is a scholar, artist, and first-time ModPo TA living in Philadelphia. She’s currently...

ModPo TAs re-read poems through the pandemic

Hi, everyone. Here is the list of poems the TAs have chosen to re-read through the perspective of the pandemic: https://media.sas.upenn.edu/afilreis/ModPo-misc/ModPo-webcast-pandemic-poem-list-May2020.pdf This PDF includes links to the poems. Have a look!

Molly O’Neill to return as ModPo TA for 2020

It’s the time of year when I announce the reappointments of ModPo TAs for the next “symposium mode” round of ModPo. First up—to join us for a 9th year as fabulously thoughtful & intellectually...