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Frost’s wall today

A friend is staying near Frost’s farm and sent us these two photos of Frost’s wall, looking rather unmended.

Essays needing your response

1. Lauren Marie on the poem’s speaker, who is unhappy yet will not act: LINK TO ESSAY 2. Raja on Guest’s tone of mundanity: LINK TO ESSAY 3. Junia on New York School style: LINK TO ESSAY...

Berlin meet-up

Fab ModPo meet-up in Berlin: Max, Jackie Lubeck & Jackie’s husband Jan.

ModPo citizen Richard Weil has died

Long-time devoted ModPo citizen Richard Weil has passed away. He participated thoughtful and consistently in ModPo discussions (especially “SloPo”/off-season mini-courses) for years. He joined Max McKenna’s Chicago meet-ups and I had the pleasure of...